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Carbohydrate & Lipid Behaviours is a Course

Carbohydrate & Lipid Behaviours

Time limit: 180 days

Sorry! The enrolment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Are you a medical or healthcare professional? Would you like to have the confidence with nutritional genomics to provide opportunities to apply this in your practice? Genetic testing and nutritional genomics represent the future of individualised healthcare. Although reliable genetic testing is available for clinical use, genetics remains a fledgling clinical tool. To address this Provirus Solutions partners with myDNAhealth and Qube Vision to offer structured online learning and continued education support. These courses help healthcare professionals to create accurate and useful interpretations of genetic results.

The Nutritional Genomics Interpretation Education Programme is a comprehensive course covering the science of how our genome interacts with diet and lifestyle factors. It affords healthcare professionals the confidence to apply nutritional Genomics in clinical settings. In this part of your 'Nutritional Genomics Interpretation' journey we will cover:

  • Blood sugar control
  • Appetite regulation
  • ApoE
  • Sleep habits
  • Saturated fat balance
  • Clinical application
  • Cholesterol
  • Omega imbalance
  • Suggested additional reading

Carbohydrates and lipids are two of the three primary macronutrients, the other being proteins. Whether to lose weight, control blood sugar levels or for athletic performance, how many carbohydrates and lipids we consume is now one of the most recognised parts of dietary regulation. Nevertheless, how we metabolise and utilise that energy is individual. This course has been designed to support your knowledge and skills enabling you to make a positive difference to your clients experience.