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Managing Change (self-paced) is a Course

Managing Change (self-paced)

Time limit: 180 days

£55 Enrol

Full course description

Do you find managing change a challenge? How does EQ support you? Find out how to lead and support your staff through restructures, procedures and new business directions. In this course we will examine and explore: 

  • Undertaking pilots and trials
  • Achieving 'buy-in' from staff
  • Conflict and mental health management/support
  • Managing restructure
  • Awareness of self and emotional intelligence

The aim of this course is to improve your skills, confidence and techniques in approaching and managing change plus conflict in the workplace. Watch this short video to find out more about this course.

This fully online programme has been carefully designed to enable you to take the materials, apply the learning to your role and is broken down into manageable stages. This programme allows you to check your knowledge at relevant stages. Learning resources include:


  • Narrated media
  • Video
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Signposting to suitable organisations
  • Supporting glossaries
  • Interactive elements
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Progress tracking

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*Please note that this course has no tutor involvement.

Course review due:  April 2021